Pendulum Gender Reveal

Pendulum Gender Prediction!

Magic Gender Reveal Pendulum with pink and blule question marks.

* Available WORLDWIDE! *

(Internet/WiFi required)

World Wide Globe.

An amazing and totally unique presentation where the gender is determined by pendulum... and emailed to you BEFORE the gender info is provided!!

100% risk free!! If my pendulum's prediction ends up being incorrect, you get a full refund!

What you get:

  1. Access to a video copy of your pendulum presentation, that includes your reactions, to share with everyone!
  2. A fun email with the gender prediction to share with everyone!
  3. An amazing experience you'll never forget!!

(Total time: approximately 15 minutes)

ONLY $39!

ONLY $39!

(Or.. $19 with a Gender Reveal Magic Show booking)

* Important Note: My pendulum has difficulty differentiating between twins and such. Therefore, my prediction is for SINGLE births only.

Pendulum Prediction Form

Please complete the form below and enjoy the Magical Fun to follow!

Upload a picture of the mother to be for the Pendulum Prediction video. If you are unable to included a picture... Mothers Name and Country will be used.
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After the form is filled out and received, I will send you a confirmation message that includes my Venmo and PayPal account info for payment. After payment is received, I will contact you to schedule your Gender Prediction session.

Thank you!

Doug Roy

The Gender Reveal Magician

Doug Roy Gender Reveal Magician